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Heyy!! Making another post asking for these yeah… see I’m in financial trouble and there are numerous things (food, bills, pets) I need money for. So I would appreciate spreading the word, or anything to be honest. I’m never sure how to thank people that have already helped me out so much maybe one day I’ll get a call back so I don’t have to pester you guys anymore. Onto business…

Full body pictures are all A4 size 350 dpi so they can be printed out at your leisure once you get them. The rest are still all pretty large but I wouldn’t recommend printing them out on anything other than a small post card. 

Prices may vary depending on what you ask for. Line art is naturally a cheaper selection that’s $20-25 depending on if you want shading or not. 

Let me know if you want them to be transparent for blogs!

As always, email me to discuss terms. I won’t be on tomorrow so I will answer any emails on Sunday or Monday.

Thanks for everything guys I really appreciate all of you so much. ♥

hey y’all, kiyuyu is going thru some really tough times right now and their family is without electricity. signal boosting for some help! 






I haven’t promoted any sales in a while. I wasn’t looking to until I got some new stuff done, however, suddenly we have quite the situation on our hands. Please, if you don’t mind, I’d appreciate it if people would read this and signal boost. I’m putting this under a read more. 

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Hey guys, if you’re wondering why i’ve been inactive, well…this is the reason. Been having a really rough time with things at home. Everything is explained under the read more, so please please take a few minutes to read it over.

Its really urgent.

Reblogging again for today just incase anyone may have missed this post. But thank you all who have contributed so far! I’m sending out a batch of packages today, and then another batch for tomorrow. If you place an order today it’ll go out on Friday! We’re almost pretty close to getting what we need so Mickey will have a place to go. So I’m trying to get orders out asap so profits can be collected before he’s kicked out of his place next week. Even if you don’t have anything to contribute, spreading this is very much appreciated! Thanks.

Reblogging for an update!

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I’m really sorry for reblogging this post so much everyone, but I just wanted to throw this up again for those who didn’t catch the update from last night. Also, we decided to go on and just try and raise the money we need for my car since my parents are being difficult. We really wanna just pay for our roomshare for now and do that since it’s still available. I just got back from getting my car checked out and it’ll cost $350 all together to have it fixed up. So that’s how much we have left that we need to raise and we’ll be good to go!


all these fucking comics saying just “drop everything and do what you love, artists, cost is no object”, they never end, there’s so many of them

where is the comic that says “artists! make it easier to comfortably fund doing what you love by drawing dragons fucking on commission on furaffinity, eventually building up enough of a portfolio that you’re paying rent every single time you draw two fantasy monster dicks frotting furiously against each other”


We’ve organised and sorted the books, and determined are how many are left over after backer and participant copies are accounted for!

You can buy the spare copies here, but please be aware that online sale copies will start shipping out in roughly two weeks, so that backer and participant books can be shipped out first!

Depending how many are left over, we may also be putting up some of the extras for sale. Keep an eye out!

Again. If you couldn’t buy it through Kickstarter,THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!

++++++Grab a copy here!++++++







One of my favorite things out there, hands down. I’m in love with the style and music score, gives me chills every time.

That was gorgeous.

I got goosebumps when the violin came into play.

Fucking amazing work.

This is the entire point of human existence, and that is terrifying.

this is the saddest thing ever 

Oh my god this is perfect


Mind-blowing oil paintings by Austrian/Jewish painter, LUDWIG DEUTSCH, LEON GEROME & RUDOLF ERNST in the late 1800s:
 The subject, “The Palace Guard” were depictions of North African medieval Muslims, THE MOORS, who settled in & ruled Northern Africa and invaded and conquered many parts of what we would now consider “Southern Europe (Spain, Portugal, France & Southern Italy-ala Sicily)” for nearly 800 years, from as early as the 7th to the 15th century. Their profound, cultural legacy, influence & what they left behind( Such as the great monuments, the Alhambra and the Mezquita) is evident on modern day spanish architecture, art, music and traditions. All but ignored now largely by both Arab and European world history, The Moors played a significant role during the shaping of prehistory in their early settlement.

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